If you’re not putting out relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist — Gary Vaynerchuk


The world is now moving online and so are businesses. Today, Content Marketing is the buzz word in the marketing field. In this digital age, the media consumption habits of consumers are changing and they are relying more on content-driven platforms to get their information.

Today content is everything for any business. All kinds of eCommerce firms, irrespective of the business’s size, leverage content marketing to increase their brand awareness and impact their overall presence online.

If you have a successful e-commerce site, conversions…

E-commerce marketing is a completely different animal than it was two years ago or maybe just a year ago. We all know how the year 2020 has taken a complete shift in the E-commerce industry and with COVID-19 forcing physical stores to close, the need for online retail has never been more clear. On top of the pandemic, the efficiency of the Direct to Consumer Model is helping to further drive retail’s shift to the internet. Technology has certainly opened up the opportunity to cut out the middleman in ways that weren’t possible just a few decades ago.


Previously, the…

In a world where most conversations and transactions are happening on the fingertips today, shopping directly via social media is the obviously the next natural step. With the pandemic being around for a while, online shopping surely continues to be the lifeline for many. An average person spends a significant amount of his daily hours browsing through his social media feeds. Which makes it essential for marketers to cash on that opportunity and provide a seamless shopping experience.


Brands are treating social media as a sales platform now more than ever. What started as merely a visual storytelling platform, Instagram


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought different changes to our lives. As we go about our days, we are forced to adapt to the “new normal”. As human interaction has lessened, people go out less frequently and with that, technology has really been the key to adapting. With everything done virtually, the biggest shift in the financial sector is with payments now going electronic.

The trends and pace of technology today ensures that a cash-lite society is no longer a wishful dream but rather, a vision that countries are inching towards everyday.

What is a Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet, sometimes called an e-wallet, is a…

“Shopping cart abandonment — when shoppers put items in their online shopping carts, but then leave before completing the purchase — is the bane of the online retail industry.” — Cooper Smith


As a shopper, you’ve probably abandoned plenty of carts yourself. As a retailer, you often wish that more people would actually complete a purchase instead of leaving their carts behind. But can you do anything about eCommerce cart abandonment, and win back some of those lost sales? Customers browse through your store and load up on items they’re interested in, only to give up right before purchasing. …

These days customers are extremely picky. Once your solution is installed and launched for the first time — it has only a minute or two to capture the user’s attention. Customers are looking for robust solutions that are marked by clarity and simplicity. Therefore today’s market sets new requirements that companies would like to meet. MVP has become the next best solution for many. Businesses today including startups and well-established enterprises have a chance to withstand the strong competition.

What is Minimum Viable (Data) Product?

Ever wondered what does Dropbox, Uber and Airbnb have in common? …

Often, the world changes in gradual increments. We transition to new paradigms without noticing, day-to-day, that anything is changing. Think now how we take a level of technology just for granted that only ten years ago would have seemed extraordinary. However, this year change has happened far more quickly.


There is absolutely no doubt that virtually every business has suffered as a result of COVID-19 — some more than others. The world today surely looks very different from what it was 6 months ago. Working from home is the new norm and not the exception. …

It’s tough to recall a time when listening to music — and making it — wasn’t completely synonymous with streaming. The idea of filling an iPod up with carefully selected digital files almost feels like a distant memory now. Though it wasn’t that long ago that these kinds of players, and the digital library of songs you built through them, embodied the future of music.

Today, entertainment content has begun to develop as a major source of e-commerce revenues and mobile devices have become entertainment centers, as well as on-the-go shopping devices for retail goods and services.

With ever-shiner new…

In today’s world, where almost every business is reigning with mobile apps to add value to their brands, eCommerce businesses are gaining momentum and winning the race, accounting for new customers daily. They made it happen by setting online mobile shopping stores that work by establishing engagement and better connections with end-users.

Photo by Zui Hoang on Unsplash

Did you ever envision the iPhone getting so popularized?

Thanks to the constantly changing digital landscape, advertisers have been forced to get more and more creative with their advertisements, all while looking for the next great advertising idea.

Virtual Reality (VR) — you’ve probably heard this phrase a lot recently and you’re going to hear this term floating around more and more in the near future.

Source: Google

In between technology making great strides and ease of accessibility, more brands are now shifting to using Virtual Reality in their marketing campaigns. …

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